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What you need to know about Raw hair extensions

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

What you need to know about Raw Hair Extensions! Over the years I have used all sorts of extensions! I have found that using quality raw (virgin) hair extensions is best when looking to reuse for up to 12 months or longer! Below are a few tips how to spot quality raw hair extensions and how to know if you don’t have raw hair extensions.

•REMY is a term used to describe the way hair is stitched on the weft. All hair is on the weft in the same direction. With all cuticles facing the same direction this will virtually eliminate tangling and matting.

•The ‘BEARD’ or ‘MUSTACHE’ will be SHORT. Too long beards will cause tangling because the cuticle is facing the opposite direction once flipped over the weft.

•There are No SYNTHETIC  FIBERS. Strands of hair melting in a flatiron at temps as high as 300 degrees or more means there are synthetic fibers present. The melted fibers will cause matting and shedding. This hair is not long lasting.

•All strands are the SAME LENGTH. This ensures even density (fullness) from root to tip. Hair that has shorter strands sometimes cause tangling and the finer ends look less natural.

•The CUTICLE will not be STRIPPED. Stripped hair will tend to have a ‘corn chip’ smell. Signs that the hair has been acid washed. This hair will normally RESIST a COLOR process.

Quality Raw hair will always revert to its natural curl pattern after being straightened. It can also be permanently colored or highlighted. With proper care, this hair will last for up to 1-5 years! Imagine how much money you’ll be saving. Invest in your hair extensions ladies!

P. S. I’ll have some quality, raw hair extensions available soon! Stay tuned!

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