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Ways to keep hair and body healthy all summer long

Hellooooo summertime heat! The summer season is a great time to focus on your beauty and health routine. Below are a few ways to boost current regimen.

  • Switch to shampoos, conditioners and leave-in sprays that offer color protection. These products are formulated to protect hair from UV rays keeping color fresh and vibrant! No color? No problem! Using these products are also great for color free hair!

  • Water! Water! Water! Stay hydrated beautiful people! Your hair usually gets the last bit of nutrients that are put in your body. Don’t let the summer heat dehydrate you! Remember dehydrated skin leads to wrinkles. Drink up!

  • Accessorize! For those who have long days of outdoor activities give your style a boost by accessorizing with hats and scarves. Fabulous sun protection!

  • Protect your skin with sunblock. Peeling skin is NEVER in. Be sure to use sunscreen lotion. Directions may vary on how many times a day to apply and are based on various activities so read those labels!

  • Stock your fridge and produce bowls with fresh local produce! Eating leafy greens packed with nutrients is great for your hair and skin. Citrus fruits and berries are awesome antioxidants. Buying local produce will ensure that you are getting the most out of the nutrients your food has to offer!

  • Have fun! The sun is packed with lots of vitamin D, increases serotonin levels (happy hormones), and lets not forget about a beautiful sun-kissed tan!

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