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How to care for your hair between appointments

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As a stylist that specializes in hair care I also consider myself to be a teammate to all of my guests. Team work makes the dream work! Because I only have the pleasure of styling my guests 1-4 times each month it is important to know how to care for the hair between appointments. Here are a few things to consider to help you maintain your hair until your next visit. To get started, use a dime to nickel sized amount of a moisturizing serum or a light hair lotion. Apply to the ends and work your way up to the roots. Remember, your ends are older and require more TLC  than your roots. You will also need regular and large sized bobby pins, satin hair bonnet and/or head scarf or just a satin pillowcase.

Curl Maintenance:

Curls can be very easy to maintain with or without using rollers. To keep curls bouncy and full use the pin-curl method. Simply roll each curl in the direction it is flowing and use a bobby pin (closed pin) to secure. For long and/or thick hair use a larger 3in bobby pin. Depending on how many curls you want to have in the morning is up to you! I suggest 5-12 pin-curls for an entire head. Last, cover your head with a satin bonnet, a satin head scarf or simply go to sleep on a satin pillowcase.

Another option is rolling the hair on rollers. My favorite rollers are flexirods or satin covered sponge rollers! They are easy to use and very comfy to sleep on. You want to use a roller that has the most similar width of your curls. When rolling, use horizontal partings for a feathered look (think Farrah Faucet) or use a vertical parting for a Hollywood look (think Beyonce). Again, depending on how fabulous you want your curls to look in the morning depends on how many rollers you use. Lastly cover your head with a satin scarf, a satin bonnet or simply go to sleep on a satin pillowcase.

The last option is to bantu knot the hair. Part the hair in 1-3 inch sections twisting each section into a cylinder shape  then wrap in the same direction creating a ball. Secure with a bobby pin. I suggest 7-12 bantu knots for an entire head.

Wave Maintenance:

This maintenance technique is so easy a 5 year old can do it! To maintain your waves use the 2 strand flat twist method. Simply part the hair in 2-6 sections and 2 strand twist the hair flat to the scalp following the direction of the wave. If your waves are cascading go the opposite direction on every other wave. Use a bobby pin to secure the end to the scalp. Cover your head with a satin bonnet, a satin head scarf or simply go to sleep on a satin pillowcase.

Another option is to put hair up into a bun on top of your head. I suggest bending over for this one! While bent, brush hair to the top of your head no further than between your ears. Twist hair into a cylinder then wrap hair in the same direction creating a ball and secure with a large bobby pin.

Straight Look Maintenance:

To keep hair smooth and straight simply wrap your hair around your head. Or brush hair down behind your ears securing with a satin scarf tied underneath the hair at the nape.  Oh the anguish that comes with wrapping hair! Cone on top or no cone? Which way do I wrap my hair? How do I keep from having to use my flat iron in the morning? Why is my temple hair thinning on one side? Huge questions with simple answers! 1. No cone- Brushing in an upward motion to the ceiling causes a cone shape leaving hair hanging out in the top. When wrapping hair focus on brushing around the head slightly towards the floor securing with large bobby pins as you go. Lightly tie your satin scarf on top or use a satin bonnet. Then you have the option to reach inside and pull out the pins. 2. Wrap your hair in the same direction that your bang flows to. 3. Patience and wrapping technique is key to avoid flat iron styling in the morning. This may take time but you will get it! Daily heat styling can be very damaging to the hair causing breakage. 4. Your hair on your temples is the most fragile hair on your scalp. To avoid having temple hair loss be sure to moisturize the well before wrapping and also consider changing the direction in which you wrap your hair regularly.

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