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5 things you need to stop doing to your hair Now!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

We all have a few bad habits we can drop. When it comes to daily hair care, new healthy habits must start! Here are a few things you need to stop doing and start doing to get you on your healthy hair path!

1. Heat styling daily. Restyling your hair with hot tools daily drys ends out causing it to break, chip-off slowly. Its okay to get acquainted with ponytails and buns.

2. Putting off trims.  Split ends can quickly turn into split mid-shaft! Your hair will bas start cutting itself. I recommend trimming or ‘dusting’ end every 8-10 weeks depending on your daily hair care routine.

 3. Skipping protein treatments. Healthy hair is balanced with moisture and protein. These treatments replace protein that is lost over time leaving hair strong and balanced. When your hair feels ‘mushy’ and doesn’t hold styles then it is time to get your treatment.

  4. Going to bed without tying your hair down. Wrapping, rolling, pin curling, twisting or braiding hair before bed is key to maintaining your hair. This will certainly keep you from heat styling in the morning!

         5. Detangling hair too quickly. The detangling process can be time consuming when done with care. Always use a detangling leave-in conditioner. I suggest starting in the thickest part combing from the ends up to the roots securing each section once detangled. Take your time! Your hair will thank you!

“All great hairstyles begin with healthy hair.”

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