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Journey back to natural: Transition or Big chop?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

The journey back to natural has many different paths. For some it is a willing journey to explore a new sense of self. For others it is a means to better health because of foreseen and unforeseen illnesses.  For myself, in 2005, I chose to do a big chop for a combination of the two. Also, at the time my hair was already short and I didn’t have far to go! The natural hair care product market then was nothing like what it is today. I literally only had a few essential oils and Jerhi curl products to maintain my baby fro. Fast forward 10 years and the natural hair care market is booming with no signs of slowing down!  There are many products to choose from now depending on how you want to wear your tresses.

Am I bold or more reserved? Am I  open to a new look while I transition? Extensions, braids, twist sets, rod sets? Is this natural path even for me? These are questions you must ask yourself before making the commitment.

Option 1: Big Chop

Doing a big chop is an instant life changing decision! You instantly know what your natural curl pattern is and you are free to experiment with it. Comb coils, two-strand twist, flat twist or bantu knots will be a few new styling options for you. A curl enhancing mousse, defining cream gel or a curl enhancing cream will help moisturize and keep your style tame throughout the day. When you are used to seeing yourself differently there are subtle ways to ease you into your new look. I added color to my hair to help me adjust to my new look. Color is a quick and simple way to accessorize your natural curls!

Option 2: Transition

Transitioning back to natural takes time, patience, and maintenance. Transitioning requires trimming off relaxed ends every 8-10 weeks and keeps your hair at a length that’s comfortable for you. However, the new hair and relaxed hair won’t quite get along and will need lots of TLC. The section where the new hair and relaxed hair meets is very fragile and is extremely prone to breakage. Without proper care your hair can potentially do its own big chop! I recommend trying out new, protective styles such as extensions, braids or twist/rod sets during this time. My absolute favorite way to transition without worry is using the STS Express System (Max Smooth or Gentle Smooth) by Design Essentials. It is essential to your new hair journey ensuring every strand is receiving the best attention. This treatment (which lasts 12 weeks) keeps hair strong and manageable.

Doing a big chop or transitioning back to natural is solely up to you! Whichever you choose, know that you have options!

Questions or comments? Please ask and share!

“All great styles begin with healthy hair.”

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